Lady Gaga And Cher Single 'The Greatest Thing'

'The Greatest Thing' single with Lady Gaga and Cher was "a party" to make, says producer Red One.

This summer Lady Gaga confirmed her duet with Cher on Twitter, and hinted at the title of their new song.

"Who knew a year ago when I was crying in her arms after she gave me an award, that today we would record a duet," Gaga tweeted.

 "@Cher You are The Greatest."

The single will be called 'The Greatest Thing' and it's a track Lady Gaga recorded with hit producer Red One a few years ago but never released.

When Red One was invited to work with Cher he played her the song and she "loved it".

"I cut the vocals with Cher first, and I was in Madrid and got a text from Gaga saying, 'I'm thinking about jumping on the song in the remix'," Red One told Digital Spy.

"I was like, 'No, you should jump on the original! Make it a duet.' She said, 'Oh yes, OK, absolutely,' and then I spoke to Cher, and it became a party."

"Everybody loved it. Gaga on it, Cher, two big icons, (they are) part of music history. So it happened. I'm very happy to be a part of this."

The new music from Lady Gaga and Cher is expected to premiere soon as Cher said recently 'The Greatest Thing; would be revealed in September.