Lady Gaga Compares Barack Obama To Rocky Balboa Following Final Presidential Debate

23 October 2012, 13:04 | Updated: 23 October 2012, 13:20

The 'Bad Romance' singer calls the American leader "passionate" after last night's Florida face off.

Lady Gaga has once again shown her support to Barack Obama after the final US Presidential debate in Florida last night (22nd October).

The 'Marry The Night' singer logged onto her social networking account this morning (23rd October) to ask her fans their opinions on the face off between Obama and Mitt Romney.

The argument over foreign policy was the main focus of the final debate and Gaga made note of how "weak" she thought the Republican's arguments were.

"thought Romney's foreign policy debate style was surprisingly weak, not knowledgable," she tweeted before comparing Obama to that of famous fictional movie boxing star Rocky Balboa.

"Though the president was passionate and knowledgable and modern. Felt almost like he kept poker face last 2 debates and then came like rocky," she added.

Another star who has been taking to Twitter to show their support to the current President's campaign is, who said he was proud to have such a "strong" leader in charge of America.

"Those who aren't watching you should be proud that we have a strong leader in @BarackObama ...we will fight our problems 1by1 together #vote," he tweeted.

Beyonce and husband Jay-Z hosted a special fundraiser for Obama last month and Katy Perry is set to perform at the America Forward re-election rally in Las Vegas tomorrow night alongside the likes of Bruce Springsteen.