Lady Gaga 'Mortified' Dad Started $50,000 GoFundMe For His Restaurant During COVID-19

2 April 2020, 10:53

Lady Gaga's father asked the public for $50,000 to help restaurant
Lady Gaga's father asked the public for $50,000 to help restaurant. Picture: Getty Images

Lady Gaga apparently had no idea her father asked the public for help after his restaurant she partially owns, Joanne Trattoria, was forced to close over the spread of COVID-19.

Lady Gaga has reportedly been left 'mortified' by her father starting a GoFundMe asking for $50,000 to pay his staff at his restaurant, Joanne Trattoria, that she partially owns, after it was forced to close during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Paige Six.

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Joe Germanotta, 64, faced backlash when posting the GoFundMe after 'he saw other people getting into the spirit of giving and generosity and somehow thought that applied here', despite the fact Gaga is worth a reported $320M, having made a reported $39M in 2019 alone!

A source told the publication Lady Gaga, real name Stefani Germanotta 34, had 'no idea' her father had started the page, saying:

"She had no idea he was doing that and that idea would have been shot down before he even finished bringing it up - and the worst part is, it’s her birthday."

"Neither she nor Cynthia (her mother) would ever let that happen."

"It was him acting on his own, unfortunately, really bad impulse."

Lady Gaga at Art Bird & Whiskey Bar with father
Lady Gaga at Art Bird & Whiskey Bar with father. Picture: Instagram Art Bird & Whiskey Bar

It goes without saying, her father has shut down the GoFundMe and the source saying he realises it was a 'stupid, embarrassing mistake."

Gaga caused a frenzy when she dropped by her dad's other venture, Art Bird & Whiskey Bar last year and helped serve behind the counter!

60th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Roaming Show
60th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Roaming Show. Picture: Getty

In other Gaga news, having just turned 34 during lockdown, Lady Gaga spent the day in true style, on the phone with the Director-General of the World Health Organisation 'trying to find ways to support the world' being praised for her compassion and kindness.

With that in mind, it's little surprise she didn't know about her dad's public plea, as we're almost certain she'd have stepped in!

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