Labrinth Records Collaboration For Tinie Tempah’s New Album

17 September 2012, 11:30

The 'Pass Out' producer hints that Tinie's new album will arrive in 2013. 205674

Labrinth has revealed that he was recorded a new collaboration with Tinie Tempah.

The 'Earthquake' rapper said that he was hopeful the new song would appear on the 'Pass Out' star's forthcoming new album, 'Demonstration'.

In an interview with Capital FM, Labrinth, who produced Tinie’s breakout hit 'Pass Out', confirmed that the rapper’s second album will appear in 2013.

"I think it is a good move because me and Tinie we got in the studio not to long ago," he said. 

"So yeah it would be nice to get one of our records on the album."

It was revealed recently that Tinie had also been working with Major Lazer producer Diplo on his second album.

"We've been going back and forth on our tracks, but they sound in the vein of the rap stuff I've previously produced – hard and heavy and electronic,” Diplo said in a recent interview.

Tinie Tempah was also recently revealed to have worked with Calvin on his new album '18 months', alongside such stars as Rihanna, Example and Florence & The Machine.