Labrinth On Fashion: "I Want To Make A Statement With What I Wear"

12 March 2012, 20:02 | Updated: 12 March 2012, 20:17

The 'Last Time' singer says his style has helped him carve out his own niche as a recording artist.

Labrinth has explained why fashion has become very important to him and admits he thinks its "healthy" to be interested in your sense of style.

The 'Earthquake' singer has become known for being well-dressed, having featured in GQ's Best Dressed Man In Britain this year, and claims working closely with his stylists has helped him appeal to more people. 

"Us guys working together definitely helped me cross boundaries," Labrinth explained during an interview for his Vevo channel. "I didn't want to be another urban kid with a black jacket and some shades.

"If I'm going to be an artist I want to at least make a statement with what I wear."

"There's nothing wrong with putting on a suit. There's nothing wrong with colours," Labrinth added. 'I think we found what best fits me and I think it's healthy."

The 'Let The Sun Shine' rapper's stylist Ayishat describes his style as "gentleman meets sci-fi meets a little bit of Hackney".

Labrinth releases his third single 'Last Time' on Sunday (18th March) and will launch his debut album 'Electronic Earth' on 2nd April.