Kiesza's Boot Camp: Get Fit The 'Hideaway' Way!

22 August 2014, 08:55 | Updated: 22 August 2014, 09:56

It might look like summer's over, but there's still time to get that hot bod back on track - and who better to get you in shape than former military girl Kiesza?

Stage 1 - Warm up those muscles! A quick jog should do the trick!

Stage 2 - Stretch it out - nobody wants to cramp up!

Stage 3 - Let's start off with some high energy cardio! Jump!!

Stage 4 - While you're jumping, why not work in a cheeky lunge too? It's great for your hamstrings!

Stage 5 - You know what else is good on the hams? I good old high kick!

Stage 6 - Let's stick with the lower body for now - a bit of cheeky thrusting is great for your pelvic floor (we guess...)

Stage 7 - Let's work on your balance - nobody wants to be that ungraceful hippo in the gym, do they?

Stage 8 - Now let's get rowing! Surely this will tire you out, right?

Stage 9 - Aaaaand rest! You're body (and mouth) are screaming "STOP!", so relax up and repeat! You'll be as fit as everyone's favourite Canadian military sniper in no time!