Ke$ha Talks Teaming Up With For New Song 'Crazy Kids': "We Just Vibed!"

31 May 2013, 11:42

The 'Die Young' singer says the two worked well together because they are both "childlike".

Ke$ha has opened up on working with on the remixed version of her new single 'Crazy Kids', and says he is "totally crazy" and has "really positive energy".

The 'Tik Tok' singer returned with the music video for 'Crazy Kids' this week, the third single from her album 'Warrior', and wrote the song alongside 'Scream & Shout' rapper before asking him to feature on the song.

"He and I wrote the song together, so it seemed like a natural thing for him to be on it," Ke$ha revealed to MTV News this week. "His verse if really funny, he talks about boobies.

"Any time somebody says anything about boobies, it's great, love it," she explained.

Check out a picture of Ke$ha showing off her new hair backstage while shooting her 'Crazy Kids' video below:

Ke$ha went on to say the pair have a good working relationship and like messing around together in the recording studio when they work together.

"He's like totally crazy also, and, you know, I feel like we just really vibed with each other," the US star revealed. "He's really positive energy and he's really fun.

"He's very childlike, which I feel like I'm kind of that way also," she aded.

Ke$ha is touring across North America this summer, while has confirmed plans to tour his new album '#willpower' this autumn.