Kelly Clarkson Struggles To Listen To Her Old Songs: "I Sounded So Young!"

15 November 2012, 13:47

The 'Catch My Breath' singer says she dislikes how much autotune was used on her voice early on in her career.

Kelly Clarkson says she finds it difficult to listen to some of her early releases because of how much autotune was used on her voice on the song production.

The 'Dark Side' singer says she also realises how much younger she sounds on recordings like 'Since U Been Gone' and 'Miss Independent', her first single release, when she hears them back after ten years in the industry.

"Sometimes, I can't listen to really old school songs," Kelly admitted to CNN this week. "Because they just use so much auto tune when it's not needed that it kills me. I can't listen to it.

"What I love about that though is on songs like 'Miss Independent', not only was it auto tune, I just sounded different," Kelly explained. "I sounded so young."

Check out a picture of Kelly Clarkson in the music video for her new single 'Catch My Breath' below:

The 'Mr. Know It All' singer is set to mark her first decade in music this month with the release of her first greatest hits collection, featuring all of her biggest hits to date along with a number of new songs.

Kelly is releasing a song called 'Catch My Breath' to promote the new compilation, as well as featuring several new songs including 'People Like Us' and 'Don't Rush' on the release.

Kelly Clarkson will release her new album 'Greatest Hits - Chapter One' on 26th November