Kelly Clarkson Photobombed By Bill Clinton At Barack Obama's Presidential Inauguration

22 January 2013, 16:41

The 'Dark Side' singer was eclipsed by the former US President during a US news broadcast.

Kelly Clarkson's performance at US President Barack Obama's inauguration ceremony this week has gone viral, after Bill Clinton inadvertently photobombed the star during her set.

The 'Dark Side' singer performed 'My Country 'Tis Of Thee' on Monday (21st January) as part of the celebrations and her rendition has made headlines after the former US President was spotted peeking round to catch a glimpse of the star. 

A shot of Bill Clinton's accidental photobomb immediately made a huge impact on Twitter and has since become a viral hit across the internet.

Check out a picture of former US President Bill Clinton photobombing Kelly Clarkson below:

'Mr Know It All' singer Kelly was one of a number of stars who performed to celebrate Obama starting his second term, including both James Taylor and Beyonce.

"What an honour to be part of history!" Kelly tweeted after the event. "Obama's presence was powerful and his words unforgettable.

It's a proud day for America," she added. "I was incredibly nervous and cold ha! I just wanna officially thank President Obama for opening for me haha! Just kidding :)."

Kelly Clarkson is expected to begin work on new music this year after releasing her first greatest hits collection in November 2012.