Katy Perry Battles Superfan In 'Katy Perry Quiz' And You'll Never Guess Who Wins

23 April 2014, 11:04

Watch as Jimmy Kimmel puts the 'I Kissed A Girl' singer up against one of her biggest fans.

Katy Perry took on one of her superfans this week in a quiz about… Katy Perry!

Jimmy Kimmel was the game show host for the night as he brought the two contestants on for the ultimate showdown.

Katy was in high-spirits and even joked about the "narcissistic" nature of the quiz and also how she didn't have a boyfriend.

There was also an awkward encounter as the superfan came out in a pair of shoes which Katy actually also owned.

The prize for the superfan would be a signed pillow from Katy's home with the 'Hot N Cold' singer taking home the fans scrapbook if she was victorious.

Watch the footage at the top of the screen to see who came out victorious.

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