Katy Perry: "I'll Be Packing On The Pounds With Roast Dinners At Christmas"

9 December 2011, 14:41 | Updated: 9 December 2011, 14:43

The 'Last Friday Night' star speaks to Christmas about her holiday plans for 2011.

Katy Perry has revealed that she plans to indulge in as many roast dinners as possible this Christmas.

The 'Last Friday Night' star told Capital FM she was looking forward to the holidays after concluding her 'California Dreams' world tour.

"I just want health and happiness, and I want the same for the rest of the people in the world," she said when asked what she wanted for Christmas.

"Nothing material, because I've got all that stuff."

Katy added: "I'll be hanging out with my family – it's really fun – I'll be packing on some pounds for sure.

"I will have a roast dinner on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday."

Katy concluded her 'California Dreams' tour in the US last month after playing around the world, including two visits to the UK and Ireland.

Listen to Katy Perry talking to our Showbiz reporter Kevin Hughes below.

Katy Perry talks to Capital about her Christmas plans