Katy Perry Joins The Marines In 'Part Of Me' Official Music Video

22 March 2012, 07:05 | Updated: 22 March 2012, 07:07

The 'I Kissed A Girl' star trims her hair short and shows off her fighting skills in latest promo.

Katy Perry has finally posted her hotly anticipated music video to her latest single 'Part Of Me'.

The 'Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)' singer begins the clip by confronting a boyfriend who she accuses of cheating before storming out and eventually seeing a poster about signing up for The Marines.

She proceeds to cut her hair short and strap her chest before she begins her training exercises.

The star can be seen crawling in mud, firing on a shooting range as well as making her way through an obstacle course.

The song was rumoured to be based on her marriage breakdown to comedian Russell Brand – although the singer refuted these claims saying the song was written long before her relationship troubles.

You can view Katy Perry's official music video to her new song 'Part Of Me' here.