Katy Perry's Parents Say She Is Attention Seeking From Being A Middle Child

9 April 2018, 12:07

Surprise American Idol guests Mary & Keith spilt the tea on the judge and their daughter Katy calling her mouthy and attention seeking!

Katy Perry has been absolutely stealing the show since she started judging on American idol, from befriending 'wig' boy to giving another reluctant contestant his first kiss but this time the tables have turned on her.

Presenter Ryan Seacrest interviewed none other than her parents, Mary and Keith Hudson who had a whole lot to say about their daughter who sat looking v uncomfortable behind them.

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The two raised Katy in a strict religious upbringing and her dad, Keith, is a pastor who has previously criticised his daughter's less than conservative songs such as 'I Kissed A Girl.'

When Ryan asks if Katy has always been mouthy, her dad simply replies 'yeah!' and before he gets a chance to say where she gets it from, ever chatty Katy interjects with: ''YOU GUYS!''

Katy's mum confessed that ''[Katy] is a middle child, she has been attention seeking since she was a child.''

We also are seriously confused at Katy's dad's choice of outfit, there was so much leather and bling going on in his interview he looked more like a member of Migos than a pastor. We can see where Katy gets the 'eccentric clothing' gene from.

After taking her parents banter like a champ, Katy hilariously responded to their comments saying: ''I feel like it's turned out OK for them''- and she's right, their daughter is THE Katy frickin' Perry?! Come on guys, show her a little love! 

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