Katy Perry Behind-The-Scenes Tour Video

See what happens backstage on Katy's 'California Dreams' tour.

Katy Perry has released new video footage of her journey around the East Coast of America, featuring behind-the-scenes glimpses at what Katy gets up to on tour.

"THIS JUST IN: New CANDYFORNIA concert clip is up!" Katy tweeted.

"This 1 is straight from the EAST COAST ft. my friend @robynkonichiwa."

The 'Last Friday Night' singer, who is currently sporting pink hair, bagged three awards at the MTV VMAs where she met Jessie J to give her some tour advice.

Katy's own tour is set to hit the UK for its second leg next month, with limited tickets still available.

Check out Katy Perry's behind-the-scenes tour video below...