Katy Perry 3D Concert Movie 'Part Of Me' Trailer Released – Video

2 April 2012, 18:06 | Updated: 2 April 2012, 19:16

The 'I Kissed A Girl' singer can be seen in home video footage and greeting fans in the new promo for the summer film.

Katy Perry has unveiled a new film trailer to accompany the forthcoming release of her 3D concert movie 'Part Of Me'.

The 'Teenage Dream' singer can be seen performing before she was famous and hanging out backstage on her world tour in the promotional footage.

The start of the video features the 'Firework' star discussing her religious upbringing and where her musical adventures begun.

She can be heard saying: "The atmosphere I grew up in was 100% Christian. I started singing in church and I never really had another plan."

Earlier today, the star revealed the release date for the film in the US and has previously admitted the movie will offer her fans a "best friend perspective" on her life including her marriage breakdown to Russell Brand.

You can watch a trailer to the movie 'Katy Perry: Part Of Me' below: