Katy Perry Says 2012 Has Been a "Testing" Year: "I'm Glad I'm Still Alive!"

2 December 2012, 11:27

The 'Wide Awake' singer says the women in her life helped her get through such a hard year.

Katy Perry says 2012 has been a "very testing year" and credits the women in her life, like her sister and best friend, for helping hold her "sanity" together.

The 'Firework' singer has endured a divorce, the end of her lengthy world tour and promoting a new movie over the past twelve months, and says the people around her are what make her able to carry on.

"I'm glad I'm still alive, 27 has been a very testing year!" Katy revealed to Billboard this week.. "The worst was it being a test of my sanity.

"You just have to always keep one foot out and be aware of all the people you're putting around you, their intentions and motives.

"I try to never let my intuition be muddled, I keep all the same people I've had around me," Katy explained. "I love my family and my sister is a ball-buster, she's my warden. 

"She and my best friend Shannon are why I have lived through this year, it's been a bit of an oestrogen fest with me," the 'Teenage Dream' singer continued. "I keep a lot of females around me, but I love that.

"I love a woman who can be friends with a woman and isn't afraid of another woman," Katy added. "I believe in sisterhood.

The 'Part Of Me' singer also says she is "reconnecting" with her songwriting now she is back in an "in-between" position while starting working on a new album.

"I feel I'm in the same position I was in after I made the first record," Katy explained. "I toured that and made the second record and toured that. Now I'm at an in-between position again.

"But I'm not scared or feeling uncertain. It's still about coming from a very honest place to reconnect with my core."

Check out a picture of Katy Perry earlier this year below (Credit: PA):

Katy Perry is writing songs for the follow-up to 'Teenage Dream' and has promised fans she will not rush work on her third studio album.