Katy Perry Split Her Trousers On American Idol And Couldn't Stop Showing Everyone

17 April 2018, 14:35

Never one to shy away from the camera, when Katy Perry split her trousers she couldn't help turning round and showing the American Idol audience a lot more than they bargained for...


Katy Perry has been the star of this year's American Idol, with clips of her doing wild and hilarious things emerging literally every episode - and don't worry guys, this week she managed to actually outdo herself.

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Sitting in an incredibly extra glitter bodysuit, K-Pez was laughing so hard whilst on stage she ripped her outfit right up the back, something she quickly declared to the entire room.

Instead of sitting tight or shuffling off for her stylist to fix the malfunction, she did what we would all only expect from her - she stood up, turned round and bent over. In front of the entire audience. Check out Lionel Richie desperately grappling at her to try and make her stop, he really does try. But to no avail.

Picture: Giphy

Katy. Never change. Unless that happens again, in which case, leave the stage quietly and then change.

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