Kanye West Beats Beyonce In £27,000 Shopping Spree

Bey spent £9,000 in 90 minutes but that's not a patch on Kanye's cash-splashing trip.

On a London spree Kanye West spent a whopping £27,000 picking up purchases at posh Sloane Street stores.

"Kanye certainly doesn't do things by halves," a source spilled.

"He was spending like the shops would all be closed by next week."

When the 'All Of The Lights' rapper came to pay his method was fairly untraditional, summoning an assistant bearing a brown bag full of cash.

"Other shoppers couldn't believe their eyes when his PA came with the bag of notes," the source revealed to The Sun.

"Loads of rich people shop in that part of town but this really was something else."