Justin Timberlake Hails "Unique" Timbaland Relationship: "We're Like Brothers"

13 February 2013, 13:29

The 'SexyBack' star says he has a great relationship with the 'Way I Are' producer.

Justin Timberlake says his relationship with producer Timbaland is completely "unique" and describes the two collaborators as being more like brothers than colleagues.

The 'Suit & Tie' singer, who has worked with Timbaland regularly over the course of his solo career, says the two have a great chemistry in the recording studio and instinctively know exactly what sound the other is going for.

"My relationship with [Timbaland] is a relationship that I have with nobody else in the world," Justin revealed to Rolling Stone this week. "We're like brothers, really.

"You have friends like that, friends you don't have to say much to, but you know they just get who you are," the 'SexyBack' star explained. "That's the relationship I have with Tim, where we go in the studio and kind of don't even speak to each other.

"He'll start tinkering around or I'll start playing some chords and start tinkering around.

"My relationship with Tim is very unique, we share the same perspective that we always want to make something that reminds us of music that we love, but at the same time is something we've never heard before."

Check out a picture of Justin Timberlake on the red carpet of the Grammy Awards 2013 last weekend below (Credit: PA):

Just went on to say that he feels "completely free" when he gets into the recording studio, and admits it's a feeling you can only get from making your own music.

"[It] really is one place that you can still go to that you can be completely free, at least in my opinion," the singer explained. "You can lock yourself in a room and make a whole other world.

"I'm 32 and I still love it as much as I did when I was 18, so that should tell you how amazing it is," he added.

Justin Timberlake performing his single 'Suit & Tie' live on stage at the Grammy Awards 2013 last weekend (10th February) and is set to return with his new album 'The 20/20 Experience' on 19th March.