Justin Timberlake: "I Looked Like A Moron In N*Sync"

4 May 2012, 12:48 | Updated: 4 May 2012, 12:54

The 'Sexy Back' star admits he wasn't a fan of his curly hairstyle back in his boy band days.

Justin Timberlake has confessed he "ended up looking like a moron" when he was in N*Sync because of some of his style choices.

The 'Cry Me A River' singer admitted he succumbed to the "weirdness" of his group in the new issue of Details magazine and in trying to conform - ended up looking foolish.

"There were many moments in my teenage years where I succumbed to, um, the weirdness of the group I was in," he admitted. "And in trying to conform - we're marionettes! I ended up looking like a moron."

The singer said he wasn't a big fan of his hairstyles back in the day and finds sporting a shaved head much easier to maintain.

"It's scary the first time you do it, because you don't know what's under there -- you could have some weird knot -- but a shaved head is just so easy," he said.

Justin also gave his own piece of style advice when it comes to grooming and highlighted Jersey Shore star Pauly D.

He added: "I don't like when I see guys do too much hair gel. I don't mean Pauly D because that's basically performance art. But when you use enough hair gel that your hair becomes a sculpture—and you wanted it to look that way? It's just weird."

Meanwhile, Justin is reportedly engaged to his girlfriend and actress Jessica Biel after the star has been spotted sporting a large engagement ring at a variety of high profile events recently.

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