Justin Timberlake Unveils New Myspace

25 September 2012, 15:59

The singer turned actor offers a sneak preview of their latest reincarnation of the social-networking website.

Justin Timberlake has unveiled the latest version of the social-networking website Myspace.

The 'SexyBack' star took a stake in the company last year, saying at the time that he planned to "lead the business strategy" behind the site's reinvention.

Justin unveiled the new version of Myspace on his Twitter page on Monday (24th September), telling his followers: "This is Myspace."

A video shows the site's new appearance, which analysts have compared to rival sites, including Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

The video tour then shows users through an example of what the new Myspace profiles will look like, showing off features including Mixes, Connections and Trending.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Justin said he wanted artists to feel like they could "comfortably connect" with their fans.

"It's just bringing the connection that much closer while still making the artist feel comfortable that they can make their art, lock themselves in a room and torture themselves as they do, and still find a way to comfortably connect with their fan base."

At present, it has yet to be confirmed when the new version of Myspace will launch.