'N Sync Explain How MTV VMAs 2013 Reunion Came About: "It Was So Quick!"

29 August 2013, 13:05

The 'Gone' five-piece say it was very difficult keeping their one night only reunion a secret.

'N Sync stars Chris Kirkpatrick and JC Chasez have opened up about how their reunion at the MTV VMAs 2013 came about, and say everything was sorted within just a couple of days before the show.

The 'Bye Bye Bye' five-piece reunited for the first time in almost a decade at the MTV event on Sunday (25th August), appearing midway through Justin Timberlake's solo medley, and the band say it was great getting to joke around together again.

"We were rehearsing in Fillmore in Miami last week, Justin really wanted it to be a secret and he wanted it to try and be as quiet as possible 'cause he wanted it to be this moment," 'N Sync's Chris revealed to MTV News this week.

We tried to keep it as secretive as possible," JC explained. "The main thing is just how quickly it came together, it came together just within a matter of days.

"It started with a phone call just a few days before the VMAs basically," he continued. "[It was] very relaxed, a lot of jokes being poised around at each other's expense, but again, it was fun."

Check out a picture of 'N Sync on stage at the MTV VMAs 2013 below:

The two pop stars also opened up on how they selected the 'N Sync songs to perform together, and how important it was to be there for Justin's big moment.

"Well we knew we had to do 'Bye Bye Bye', I think Justin really wanted to do 'Gone' and 'Girlfriend'" Chris explained. "It was really his decision. We were just happy to be there.

"I liked being there for my friend and I liked seeing everybody have a good time," JC added.

The band have since confirmed they have no plans for a permanent reunion and just wanted to be there to celebrate Justin Timberlake receiving the prestigious Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.