Justin Timberlake Wears Grass Skirt To Host Walmart Shareholders Meeting – Video

6 June 2012, 11:17 | Updated: 6 June 2012, 11:23

The 'Sexy Back' star also interviews country star Taylor Swift at the retailer's event in Arkansas.

Justin Timberlake was pictured wearing a grass skirt and Hawaiian head attire as he took to the stage for Walmart's annual corporate shareholders meeting to deliver a speech to those in attendance.

The 'Cry Me A River' star was hosting the event in Arkansas to celebrate the retailers' 50th birthday.

The former N*Sync star arrived on stage at the Bud Alton arena in the extravagant outfit and was also seen interviewing his 'guest customer' who turned out to by Country sensation Taylor Swift.

During his comical questioning with the singer, he acted completely unaware that she was a famous and successful musician and laughed off her claims of being a singer.

The audience were laughing throughout and the musician turned actor was also seen shaking hands with chairman of the board of directors Robson Walton as he arrived.

You can view a picture of Justin Timberlake wearing a grass skirt at the Walmart shareholders meeting below: (Picture: PA)

Justin was in a jovial mood throughout as he joked with staff but also took time to praise the company.

"It's incredible to absorb and watch the impact Wal-Mart makes," he said.

Meanwhile, the star has been rumoured to be making a return to music after it was reported he will be producing the score for fiance Jessica Biel's new movie The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea.

You can watch Justin Timberlake interviewing Taylor Swift below:

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