QUIZ: Get A Low Score In Thiz Quiz & Prove Justin Timberlake Is Immortal

24 January 2018, 11:11

Justin Timberlake Through The Years

From N*SYNC all the way to 'Filthy', he just hasn't really aged has he?!

You look like the type of person who knows when Justin donned those famous jheri curls so we think it's time to test your knowledge on the 'Sexyback' star.

The thing is, we've suspected JT of being immortal for a long time but there's one way to prove it. Guess what year these snaps were taken and we'll finally believe that he's getting old.

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Seriously though, if you get 100%, we're going to suspect you're actually his P.A.

Good luck!


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If you didn't do as well as you thought, then cry me a river... ahh... Timberlake puns.

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