Justin Bieber’s Chin In ‘Yummy’ Music Video Has Fans Thinking They’re Hallucinating

6 January 2020, 12:19

Justin Bieber's chin had fans convinced they were seeing things
Justin Bieber's chin had fans convinced they were seeing things. Picture: Justin Bieber/YouTube

Justin Bieber’s ‘Yummy’ music video has fans doing double takes.

Justin Bieber has officially kicked off his 2020 comeback, dropping first single ‘Yummy’ – which is thought to be about wife Hailey Baldwin – from his forthcoming album on 3 January.

But when the video debuted the following day, some scenes of Biebs tucking into an extensive feast left fans thinking their eyes were playing up as the pop star’s chin appeared to stretch.

Justin Bieber's Docuseries, Seasons: Where Can I Watch, And When Is It Airing?

His briefly larger chin wasn’t the only trippy moment, as another snippet from the video showed Justin with huge eyes.

The same effect has been seen before, on Ariana grande in her ‘In My Head’ music video.

It has since been revealed that it’s a favoured technique by director Bardia Zeinali who directed both of the stars’ videos.

However, the reactions to Justin’s changing look were hilarious to scroll through, as Beliebers were convinced their eyes were deceiving them and many compared the star to Crimson Chin.

“What the f*** is wrong with Justin Bieber’s chin/jaw?” Tweeted one confused fan, as another said: “How and why did they stretch Justin Bieber’s chin like that?”

“Did I hallucinate Justin Bieber’s chin doing that… was that just my brain?” Added a third Twitter user.

Bardia Zeinali directed both 'Yummy' and 'In My Head'
Bardia Zeinali directed both 'Yummy' and 'In My Head'. Picture: Ariana Grande/YouTube / Vogue/YouTube

As well as a brand new single, album and a tour, Justin is also releasing a docu-series titled Seasons which is set to premiere on YouTube at the end of January.

Ahead of the release of his fifth studio album, the 'I Don't Care' pop star will give fans an insight into the past few years of his life.

Whilst little is known about the docu-series, we do know it will "feature a behind-the-scenes look at Bieber's private life, including never-before-seen footage of his wedding to Hailey Bieber and his day-to-day alongside those in his inner circle."

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