Justin Bieber's The Simpsons Cameo Airs – Video

13 May 2013, 11:48

The 'Boyfriend' singer is turned away from a talent contest during his short appearance on the show.

Justin Bieber's cameo in the cartoon series The Simpsons hit TV screens this weekend.

The 'As Long As You Love Me' singer plays himself in a short segment as he attempts to enter a talent show.

A disclaimer pops up on screen to announce the imminent arrival of the teen titan.

"Thirty seconds to Justin Bieber - you may start or stop watching according to your beliefs," it read.

The singer can be seen attempting to enter a ten year-old's only talent contest and complaining about not being able to win any money from the show during the episode.

"Firstly, you're over ten years-old. Second you're clearly Justin Bieber," says the security on the door of the show.

"That's another 25 bucks we'll never see, God," says Justin stood alongside manager Scooter Braun before storming off.

A second disclaimer pops in screen to add: "All clear – The Simpsons will be Bieber-free from this point on."

Watch Justin Bieber's cameo in The Simpsons below:

Meanwhile, the singer is currently on his 'Believe' world tour and was recently reported to have been caught speeding six times during his stay in Dubai.

He is also filming a new 3D concert movie from the outing which is reportedly scheduled for release at Christmas.