Justin Bieber "Annoyed" By Teen Heartthrob Label: "I Want To Prove People Wrong"

12 September 2012, 14:35

The 'Mistletoe' singer says he intends to continue gaining more and more older fans with his music.

Justin Bieber says he gets "annoyed" when people label him as just another teenage heartthrob and says his new music has shown people that he is becoming more of an adult artist now.

The 'Boyfriend' singer has taken part in a new interview for The Today Show in which he admits to having a strong desire to prove people wrong about his longevity in the music business, and says he thinks new album 'Believe' has changed a lot of people's minds about him.

"I feel like I just don't want to be another teen heartthrob," Justin revealed to host Ryan Seacrest during the interview. "I just think that just annoys me.

"To think that's what people will, will think of me, I just want to prove people wrong," the 'Never Say Never' singer explained. "My new album 'Believe' has really showcased what I'm capable of - especially becoming an 18 year-old and becoming an adult.

"And hearing older people say, 'Wow, this new album's great. Like I didn't know that was Justin Bieber," the Canadian star added.

Check out a picture of Justin Bieber during his recent trip to Japan this summer below (Credit: Twitter):

The 'As Long As You Love Me' singer attended the MTV Video Music Awards 2012 last week in Los Angeles where Justin was later pictured hanging out with UK boy band One Direction.

Justin returned to the UK earlier today (12th September) and tweeted fans to say he had already met up with 'What Makes You Beautiful' singer Niall Horan since his arrival.

Justin Bieber is set to kick off his upcoming 'Believe' world tour later this month with a string of dates across North America, before bringing it to the UK in February 2013.