Justin Bieber's Shaved His Dreadlocks Off And People Are Freaking Out Over His Buzz Cut.

30 April 2016, 08:08 | Updated: 30 April 2016, 08:15

Justin Bieber Buzzcut

Say goodbye to Justin's blonde dreadlocks and say hello to a freshly trimmed kidrauhl!

Justin Bieber Buzzcut

It's all gone! Literally, all of it. 

Justin Bieber Buzzcut


And now look at it, just lying there on the floor, that poor hair had no idea how famous it was.

Justin Bieber Hair


It's easy to forget how naturally round Justin's head is, but just LOOK AT IT. 

Justin Bieber Buzzcut


And it's fair to say people love it. 


This truly is a momentous occasion.


Just think when it starts to grow back.


We're now back where we started. 


But more importantly, what's happening to the hair pls? 


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