QUIZ: How Well Do You REALLY Know Justin Bieber?

27 October 2015, 15:12

We want to find the ULTIMATE #TrueBelieber... could it be you?

Justin Bieber’s grown up in the spotlight in front of us all so you may be sitting there thinking, ‘Yeah, I know the Biebs pretty damned well’.

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WRONG! Well, potentially wrong, because we want to put your knowledge of the ‘What Do You Mean’ superstar to the ultimate test in our TOUGHEST trivia quiz yet.

If you’ve been following Justin from the start - or you’ve been swatting up lately all ready for his new album ‘Purpose’, then hit play on the video above and take the test.

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Tweet us @CapitalOfficial and let us know how many you got right and whether you really ARE a #TrueBelieber!

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