Justin Bieber Slams Paparazzi For "Yelling" At Him On Golf Course - Video

27 June 2012, 10:58

The 'Boyfriend' star took to Twitter during his round in Los Angeles to criticise photographers.

Justin Bieber has criticised members of the paparazzi and asked for more "respect" after they "yelled" at him while he was playing golf.

The 'Boyfriend' star was enjoying a round with friends when he was apparently disturbed by photographers hiding in the bushes.

Pictures of Justin has since emerged online showing the star playing at a course in Los Angeles yesterday (26th June).

Taking to his Twitter account during the round, Justin wrote: "dear paps...golf is supposed to be a relaxing sport..u arent supposed to be in the bushes yelling at me with cameras. let me finish the game."

He later tweeted that he was going to try and "stay focused" and ignore the distractions.

"back at it. not gonna focus on the negative. just a little respect would help," he wrote.

The 18-year-old singer is known to be a fan of the game and has been filmed on the golf course before – check out the video below:

Justin was enjoying some time off following the release of his new album 'Believe' earlier this month.

The album includes the single 'Boyfriend' as well as the forthcoming second single 'As Long As You love Me'.