Seriously Though, Does Justin Bieber Deserve A Bit Of A Break?

13 April 2018, 17:43

Justin Bieber

The 'Sorry' star can't go anywhere without huge amounts of fans and members of the public following and taking pictures of him, never mind paparazzi!!

When people become famous, they know that they're gonna be put under an increasingly intense microscope the more famous they get. For Justin Bieber, it must feel like he's got about 1000 miscroscopes pointed at him 24/7.

The 24 year old can barely step outside his house without being filmed and pictured and that's when he's not even doing anything, so imagine the intense interest when he's actually doing something interesting!

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After being filmed recently knocking a phone out of a fan's hand who got too close when trying to get a selfie with him in the street, it feels as though things have reached a bit of a boiling point with JB and tbh, it all needs to stop.


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Fans have been calling for paparazzi to leave Justin alone for quite a while now, but he's still hounded more or less every single moment of his life...

Many people will try and use the argument, 'well he's getting loads of money making music so he can deal with people taking photos', but that's a very short sighted response.

The impact of having people follow you around 24/7 must be extremely huge on someone's mental health and that's certainly not something someone signs up for when they become a musician.

It's not just paps either. Fans are obviously always excited to see the star, but when you can't even walk down the street without people filming or touching you, it might be a bit much.

The infamous time Justin went for a meal at a restaurant in Australia and had hunderds of fans stood metres away from him staring as he ate which springs to mind as a standout moment to prove Justin's mindblowing level of fame and there's a long list of plenty more after that.

As one of the most talented artists in modern music, Justin Bieber has become a God-like character with his immense following and whilst all celebrities, regardless of their stature, deserve a certain level of respect from paps, fans and members of the public, it seems as though Justin's personal space is invaded on a ridiculously regular basis.

Far from being a Chris Crocker-style rant yelling "Leave Justin Alone!", this message is plain and simple: protect Justin Bieber at all costs.

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