Justin Bieber On Having Only A Few Friends: "I Just Don't Trust Anybody"

3 April 2013, 12:15

The 'Baby' singer says he has trust issues and only speaks to about four people on a regular basis.

Justin Bieber has revealed he only has a select few close friends that he keeps in contact with and admits he has trust issues when making new ones.

The 'As Long As You Love Me' singer claims he doesn't "trust anybody" and only speaks on the phone to several people, including members of his family and rapper Lil Twist.

"I get good vibes from people all the time, and I probably could get along with them and be their friend, but now I just don't trust anybody," Justin says in the new issue of Teen Vogue. "Literally, my phone never rings.

"I only have, like, four people that I keep in contact with," the 'Boyfriend' singer admits. "I don't need a bunch of friends to make me happy.

"I just need the people close to me that I love, that's all," Justin added, naming people like his mum, dad, Lil Twist and friends Ryan and Chaz among the select few. "They don't see me as Justin Bieber, but just see me as Justin."

Check out Justin Bieber's cover shoot for Teen Vogue magazine this month below (Credit: Vogue):

This week saw the revelation from Justin's manager Scooter Braun that he has written a song for The Wanted that the latter has predicted will be a huge hit. 

Justin Bieber continues his 'Believe' world tour in Europe this month amid rumours he is planning a new live DVD release in time for Christmas.