Can You Guess The Real 'Despacito' Lyric From These English Translations?

3 July 2017, 15:15

It's the biggest hit of the year, but do you know the actual lyrics?

When it's sunny and you're chillaxing with a nice cold drink in your hand, there's nothing better than the sound of 'Despacito' playing nice and loud in the background.

Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber's MASSIVE smash hit has topped charts around the world and is now the record holder for most weeks at number one on the Vodafone Big Top 40!

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But whilst it's fast become the song of the year, most people have no clue what the actual words are! The song is mainly sung in Spanish and so unless you speak the language you're gonna be struggling, but we have some good news for you!

We've translated some of the song's lyrics into English, but there's a catch...only one of the translations we've provided you with is correct.

So let's see if you can work out the correct 'Despacito' translation and no cheating!


We got Camila Cabello to sing 'Despacito' for us recently and she totally nailed it...