Justin Bieber forced to cancel gig

Authorities claim 'mass scenes of hysteria' prompted concert cencellation as Bieber-mania goes global

It looks like Australian fans of Justin Bieber may have been too dedicated for their own good. Over 4000 of them camped out overnight to see the Canadian crooner perform at a free concert by Sydney Harbour Bridge. So far, so good. We know his fans are dedicated. However repeated crowd surges saw several fans injured and eventually the authorities stepped in and cancelled Justin's performance.

"Police at the event were concerned for the 4,000 excited people already in attendance with many more anticipated to arrive prior to the start of the performance," a statement from New South Wales police said.
"All those removed from the area have so far suffered only minor injuries and have been treated at the scene."

Justin later appeared on TV and sung one song live and apologised to his fans: "I am so sorry that it got out of control, we don't want anyone to get hurt. It gets crazy sometimes."

He also took to Twitter later and Tweeted: "With everything that happened 2day i want u all 2 know i care and U all rule and if i could thank every 1 of u individually i would."


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