Can you speak Bieber?

We've had a huge reaction to Justin Bieber playing at the Summertime Ball that it appears all of London has gone Bieber mad.

OMB! Justin has even given rise to a whole new way of speaking. But how much Bieber talk do you know? Check out our handy guide.

If we've missed out any of your favourite Bieberisms add them in the comments section below...

Bieber cut
The name given to Justin Bieber signature hair styled.
Context: "My brother asked the barber for a Bieber cut"

When a Belieber cries at the sight of Justin Bieber.
Context: "I was him and I was total Biebergasted!"

Another word for describing something which is hot.
Context: "Justin looks Bieberlicious in his new video."

Another nickname given to Justin by his Beliebers.
Context: "How can you not be a fan of the Biebernator?"

Away of describing something which is amazing and totaly Bibery.
Context: "My Worlds is so Biebertastic!"

Holy Bieber!
Another phrase used by many excited Bieber fans. Also see, OMB.
Context: "Holy Bieber, the video for 'Baby' is amazing!"

This stands for Obsessive Justin Bieber Disorder, a condition suffered by many fans.
Context: "Amanda is suffering from OJBD."

Justin's official Twitter account, he currently has over 2.5 million followers.
Context: "@justinbieber I love you!"

An obsessive Justin Bieber fan, also see Biebette and uberbelieber.
Context: "I am a Belieber."

Bieber blast
When Bieber fans conspire to download Justin's song together in order to make his songs fly up the iTunes chart.
Context: "Let's all Bieber blast 'Eenie Meenie' to No. 1!"

Bieber bullied
When a Bieber fan is given a hard time by friends who is a non-Beliebers.
Context: "I got Bieber bullied by my brother, he's such a non-Belieber."

Bieber fever
The effect Justin Bieber has on female fans, symptoms include over-excitement, swooning and excessive screaming.
Context: "There's 300 screaming girls outside who are all suffering from Bieber fever."

Bieber or Die
Justin's take over of Will Ferrell's comedy video website, Funny or Die, which was renamed Bieber or Die for one day.
Context: "Did you see the hilarious video of Justin on Bieber or Die?"

To write Justin's name or "I love Justin Bieiber" on your personal possessions such as pencil cases, school bags or siblings.
Context: "I totally Bieberfied my whole bedroom today."

The level of excitement a Justin Bieber fan might reach when coming face to face with their idol.
Context: "I was having a complete Biebergasm when I saw him backstage."

The moment a Bieber fan realises they are in love with Justin.
Context: "Look at Lauren, she's totally Bieberstruck."

An obsessive Justin Bieber fan, also see Belieber.
Context: "My sister is a Biebette too."

Bustin Jieber
The nickname given to Justin Bieber by the Jonas Brothers, they say there can be only one "JB".
Context: "I am the world's biggest Bustin Jieber fan"

Eager Bieber
A fan who will do anything to meet Bieber.
Context: "She's such an eager Bieber, she was waiting for him at the signing at 5am."

Free Scooter
A campaign launched by Bieber fans in support of Justin's manager Scott "Scooter" Braun who was questioned by police over crowd safety concerns.
Context: "Come on Beliebers, we need to help free Scooter!"

Another of Justin's nicknames, this is used when Justin wants to sound particularly street.
Context: "Whatever you want shawty, JBiebz will give it to you."

A group of people to be avoid, a non-Belieber is not a Bieber fan and could even be described as a Bieber hater.
Context: "Why is he hating on Justin?  He's such a non-Belieber."

The acronym for "oh my Bieber", a phrase used by many excited Bieber fans.
Context: "OMB! Justin just tweeted me!"

Team Bieber
A loyal Bieber fan can claim membership to team Bieber.
Context: "I am team Biber."

An obsessive Justin Bieber fan who is REALLY obsessive at this stage they may be forfeiting food and sleep to allow them more time to watch Justin Bieber music videos on YouTube, also see Belieber.
Context: "I haven't seen Gemma since Christmas, she is such an uberbelieber."

What would Bieber do?

The question will all ask ourselves when faced with difficult situations in life, with all that swagger, there's no one more calm in an emergency.
Context: "Should I go out or do my homework?  Hmmm, what would Bieber do?"