WATCH: Justin Bieber, Billie Eilish & James Corden Have A Dance Off At Coachella

16 April 2019, 16:47 | Updated: 17 April 2019, 11:36

Billie Eilish finally got to meet her idol, Justin Bieber, and together they had a dance off during Ariana Grande's Coachella set.

Fans rejoiced as Justin Bieber and Billie Eilish finally met each other in the (VIP) crowd of Coachella as fans cheered on the serious special moment that everyone's secretly thankful went down in public during Ariana Grande's headline set.

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Once Billie got herself together and the pair got over the excitement of meeting, they set about doing what any two stars do at the star-studded festival and they have an epic dance battle, with James Corden, because, Coachella.

Dancing along to NSYNC's 'It Makes Me Ill' which Ari sampled for her hit 'Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored', Justin and James cut some shapes whilst Billie still looks 100% starstruck, and we can't say we blame her.

Fans are saying Justin only attended the festival to support his long time BFF Ariana and to finally meet the 'Bad Guy' singer and he also brought along Hailey Baldwin to meet Billie which makes our hearts all kinds of full.

The 17-year-old is clearly still not over the events of the weekend, taking to Instagram to say she's still trying to process it all.

She wrote: "Part of me feels like I need to post about all the things that happened yesterday... but right now I think im gonna keep it all as my own for now."

"These are my memories. Some of the most life changing things ill ever experienced happened over the weekend. and i don't want a bunch of pictures to have to prove to anybody."

"Understand how moved I am. I don't know how to process and relay the love I feel for the people I feel it for."

Billie Eilish calls Coachella 2019 'life changing' after meeting Justin Bieber
Billie Eilish calls Coachella 2019 'life changing' after meeting Justin Bieber. Picture: Instagram/@wherearetheavacados

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