JLS' Marvin wants kids with Rochelle

It seems like JLS' Marvin Humes is getting a little broody as he has told Closer Magazine that he would like to have kids with his girlfriend Rochelle Wiseman.

The 25 year old star told the magazine: "I wouldn't be with her unless I thought she was the one I wanted to have kids with and get married to. I've found my dream house and Rochelle and I will be moving in a couple of months. It's really exciting. We're going to get a cleaner so that we don't argue about who does the housework! Both of our schedules are so busy that we don't have time to do cleaning"

The pair have also found their dream home and are moving in together in a couple of months time.

Do you think that Marvin and Rochelle make a cute couple or do you think Marvin and Rochelle should both play the field a bit more? Let us know below: