JLS film scenes for film

JLS were filming scenes for their film yesterday.

The Sun reports that the band filmed a scene in an unnamed London night club with rapper Chipmunk and lots of female extras.

A source said: 'There were about 50 people at the party, mainly girls.

'It was a free bar too so everyone got pretty messy. Marvin was walking around with a bottle of Belvedere (vodka) and topping everyone's drink up.

'The camera crew filmed the boys on their bottles, surrounded by girls and bottles of alcohol.

'Aston, Oritse and Chipmunk had a dance off to a song called 'Teach Me How To Dougie', it was hilarious. The song got played five times in a row cos they kept on going.

'That just encouraged everyone else to join them, and the dancefloor ended up rammed full of people really going for it.'