Jessie J Talks Embarrassing Moments

The 'Nobody's Perfect' singer cringes over old stories.

Jessie J has been revealing her most embarrassing moments on Twitter, starting with an epic pop fail.

"When I called Robin Gibb a BJ," Jessie posted. " BG's Jessie BG's..."

Jessie also talks about those cringe-worthy moments when you trip in the street and she spills the beans on a time she went flying.

"Its was 5.30am&I was on my way to Britschool, it was winter&snowing," Jessie explained.

"I slipped&slid;literally from one side of the st to the other&pretended;I wasn't hurt&just;hobbled away.ignoring people trying to help.

"Lol #sadtimes!"

Jessie is currently preparing for a big festival comeback in August after recovering from a broken foot.