Jessie J Debuts New Song 'You Don't Know Me' In New York With Heartfelt Speech - Watch

12 March 2014, 13:35

The 'Wild' star wrote the song just two days ago about dealing with the pressures of fame.

Jessie J debuted a brand new song live in concert this week in New York City all about the pressures of being famous.

The 'Thunder' singer performed 'You Don't Know Me' at a gig in Rock Wood in the Big Apple, after giving an emotional introduction to the song she wrote just days before.

"Please forgive me if I get this wrong, I've never sung it before," she explained to the crowd in attendance, reports MailOnline. "It's really honest about how I felt in the ast year.

"Fame makes you feel like you have to be happy all the time and people want you to be perfect all the time and sometimes you don't want to take a photo with someone, sometimes you don't want to have a conversation with someone and it's not about being mean, it's about being human."

"That's the biggest thing that I struggle with that sometimes people need something from me that I don't have to give and I pretend sometimes that I am OK when I'm not and it makes me feel like I'm going mad," she added, before breaking into the song itself."

Jessie J featured in DJ Cassidy's new music video for 'Calling All Hearts' last week with Robin Thicke.