WATCH: Jessie J Singing 'Flashlight' On Karaoke With Young Fan Is Like, Too Good!

25 June 2015, 09:56

MUST WATCH! Jessie J - flashlight (karaoke with little boy)


Seeing Jessie helping the young super-fan through her mega-hit will basically break your heart.

She's performed to thousands of people countless times, but it's clear Jessie J still just LOVES the smaller moments where she gets to sing for her fans.

And this was never more obvious than in a new viral video of her singing along to karaoke with a super-cute fan as they exchange lines from her song 'Flashlight' together.

Using a karaoke app, the pair get to see each other one-on-one and both Jessie and fan Issey can't stop smiling at each other! Hit play on the video above and prepare to have your heartstrings well and truly tugged on! 


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