Jessie J Before She Was Famous Video Shows Her In Bugsy Malone

16 February 2012, 09:09

Watch the 'Price Tag' star sing as Blousey Brown at her former school.

Video footage of Jessie J appearing in a school stage production of Bugsy Malone has appeared online.

The 'Price Tag' star plays Blousey Brown in the clip, which you can watch below.

The footage has been uploaded by The Wenn Stage School in Essex, which Jessie attended as a child.

The clips begins with the 'Who You Are' star singing solo on a blackened stage, before the lights come up and five dancers perform in the background.

Jessie J was among a host of music stars who attended the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles last weekend.

You can watch the video of Jessie J as Blousey Brown in The Wenn Stage School production of Bugsy Malone below: