Jay Sean's BRITs snub anger

Jay Sean's none too happy at being snubbed for a BRIT award.

The singer-songwriter has never been nominated and was overlooked again at last week's nominations event.

And he's not too pleased saying,  "I'm so over the Brits. I know that I've been more successful than half the people on the list but I don't need a nomination to tell me that," he says.

"I know how many singles I've sold, how many albums I've sold and how much money I've made."

"I'm not a fan of award shows. I think they are fake and there's a lot of politics behind it. It doesn't represent anything about who's doing what. Half the people on the list have hardly sold any records. These are cool names that you drop at cocktail parties. They don't represent the scene very well. What is the purpose of award shows?"

Jay Sean was talking to the Daily Record.

Tinie Tempah leads the BRITs nominations with four chances of victory. The event itself is on Tuesday 15th January.