Jason Derulo And Union J Agree To Record Together Live On Capital FM - Audio

18 June 2013, 11:03 | Updated: 18 June 2013, 11:06

The 'Carry You' four-piece received a surprise call from the US superstar during an interview on Capital.

Jason Derulo and Union J agreed to work together live on Capital FM after sharing tweets for the past week about wanting to record something.

'The Other Side' singer Jason sparked fan excitement last week when he tweeted the 'Carry You' four-piece to say he had heard they would love to work with him, and teasing that he would be up for recording together.

During an appearance on Max's show on Sunday (16th Sunday), Jason was put onto the phone with Union J's Josh Cuthbert and Jaymi Hensley to tell them how serious he was about his proposal.

"I was listening to your record and I was actually digging it and then the next day I was talking to a magazine and they said that you guys wanted to work so I was like, yeah let's do it, let's make it happen!" Jason told the boys during their phone call.

"We were really excited! It would be amazing if we could work together, I think we could do some really cool stuff," Josh explained, to which Jason replied: "Well what I'll do is I'll give you my people's information and we can set it up before I leave, because if I leave here it's going to make it way harder to happen.

Check out a picture of Union J's Josh at Capital FM recently below:

Definitely, that would be incredible," Jaymi replied before Jason finally added: "Dope. Let's make it happen! OK so I'll see you guys in the next couple of days!"

After speaking with the 'Don't Wanna Go Home' singer, Jaymi admitted he had "nearly choked" on his yoghurt when he got the phone call.

Union J announced their new 'Magazins & TV Screens' tour this past week which is set to launch in December this year.

Listen to Jason Derulo and Union J chatting about recording a team-up, on Max's show, below:

Jason Derulo And Union J Chat About Working Together...

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