"No One Is Throwing Shade": Iggy Azalea Denies Rumours Of Beef With Britney Spears

1 July 2015, 09:30

Iggy Azalea and Britney Spears Billboard Awards 20

Iggy called out the fact they didn’t do enough promo for ‘Pretty Girls’… which didn't go down well with Ms Spears’ fans, but Ms Azalea says they're still friends.

What’s happening between Iggy Azalea and Britney Spears then?! Rumours of a feud abounded after Iggy spoke out about the lack of promo for their joint single ‘Pretty Girls’, but the female rapper has denied there's any bad blood and says they are good friends. 

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Iggy made the comments in a Twitter Q&A with fans as she explained why she thought ‘Pretty Girls’ hadn’t been as successful as expected:

This didn’t go down too well with Britney’s fans who accused Iggy of blaming it on Miss Spears – but Iggy stuck up for herself, saying she was just giving an opinion.

Iggy tweeted one fan, "My comment is factual, it applies to any song. I dont have to suck the womans a*****e 24/7 to be her friend, do i? bye girls." #FIESTY.

Thankfully, it looks like the creative differences haven’t affected the girls friendships as Iggy says she values it when people give her an honest opinion rather than trying to butter her up with what they think she wants to hear. 

Britney was rumoured to have sniped back by tweeting about her upcoming shows while Iggy has recently cancelled her tour: 

Iggy, however, denied that there is any bad blood between the pair following the comments: 

Whether they’re feuding or not, one thing is for certain – ‘Pretty Girl’ is the anthem that will have dancefloors full of people singing along all summer. We loved it! 

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