Harry Styles Spends Birthday Karaoke Party With Kiko Mizuhara Who Says They've 'Never Met'

5 February 2019, 11:54 | Updated: 5 February 2019, 11:59

Harry Styles was joined by the Queer Eye cast in Japan for a birthday Karaoke night and Kiko Mizuhara was also there despite saying they'd never met.

Harry Styles has been spending a lot of time in Japan and celebrated his 25th birthday in a Karaoke bar alongside the Queer eye guys and interestingly, model Kiko Mizuhara was there, despite denying her and Harry had ever met and slamming romance rumours.

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Kiko Mizuhara singing Karaoke with Harry Styles
Kiko Mizuhara singing Karaoke with Harry Styles. Picture: Instagram

Belting out Bohemian Rhapsody with Harry, 1/5 of the Queer Eye crew, interior designer Bobby Berk posted videos of everyone singing, and in one shot, Kiko can be seen taking her turn on the mic, and we're just a little confused considering they're not meant to know each other.

Harry Styles spotted in Instagram story with Kiko Mizuhara
Harry Styles spotted in Instagram story with Kiko Mizuhara. Picture: @bobbyberk / Instagram

After recent rumours that the pair were romantically involved, Kiko took to Twitter to fiercely deny she's ever met Harry and to denounce it as 'fake news'.

She said: "[It's been] reported that Harry Styles and I have been in a relationship, but I have no relationship with him, and I have never met him. The world is full of fake news. People believe what they want to believe rather than questioning reality."

So, it seems Bobby Berk the person who's let it slip that in fact Harry and Kiko very much do know each other and because this isn't the first time they've been spotted in a Karaoke bar with each other, we're wondering if they really are more than friends after all.

The Queer Eye guys have all liked this recent snap of Kiko all dressed up in Gold Finger Bar in Tokyo and we can't help but connect the dots.

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