Harry Styles’ Adorably Awkward Response When He’s Asked To Show ‘Safe Sex’ T-Shirt During TV Interview

11 March 2020, 12:07

Harry Styles wore a 'safe sex' tee for a New Zealand TV interview
Harry Styles wore a 'safe sex' tee for a New Zealand TV interview. Picture: NewsHub/YouTube / Getty

Harry Styles wore his previously seen ‘safe sex’ top for an interview on a New Zealand news channel and looked adorably bashful as he showed it to the presenters.

Harry Styles is known to re-wear his favourite fashion items, so when an eagle-eyed journalist noticed he was wearing a top he’s worn before which says ‘safe sex’, they couldn’t help but point it out and we’re honestly so glad they did…

After chatting about a potential collaboration with Lizzo, one of the hosts moved the conversation onto the One Direction star’s outfit.

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He quizzed: “I see you’re wearing a Keith Haring t-shirt, is that right?” To which Harry said: “That is… that is what it is. It says ‘safe sex’.”

The ‘Falling’ singer looked bashful as he opened his jacket and looked down at his t-shirt, smiling coyly as he added: “You’ve got a good eye!”

When the camera panned back to the show’s host she added: “That’s important, good… message.”

The vibrant top has an eye-catching image under the words ‘safe sex’, and we’ll just let you take a look at what’s going on…

Harry Styles looked coy as he showed his t-shirt to the presenters
Harry Styles looked coy as he showed his t-shirt to the presenters. Picture: News Hub/YouTube

Fans loved Harry’s reaction, but loved even more the fact the moment was played out across national television in New Zealand.

“Feeling thankful I’m awake bc [sic] I was just able to see the video of Harry showing us his safe sex shirt,” one person tweeted, as another said: “Harry talking about his safe sex shirt on prime time new zealand television yes absolutely [sic].”

“We've got harry styles saying ‘this is what it is’ for his safe sex shirt on video and i dont know what to do with this info,” added a third fan.

It's not the first time Harry has rocked the eye-catching tee, as the star is known to constantly champion LGBTQ rights in everything he does.

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