Harry Styles Hires Mick Jagger’s Bodyguards After Valentine’s Day Mugging At Knifepoint

24 February 2020, 10:51

Harry Styles has ramped up his security team
Harry Styles has ramped up his security team. Picture: Getty / PA

Harry Styles is tightening up his security team after he was robbed at knifepoint on Valentine’s Day.

One Direction star Harry Styles was mugged at knife point on Valentine’s evening and demanded he hand over his cash, leaving the ‘Watermelon Sugar’ singer seriously shaken up.

Since then, Harry has reportedly hired Mick Jagger’s bodyguards to ramp up his security team, according to the tabloids.

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Harry reportedly had the extra support nearby while he partied at The Box in Soho following The BRIT Awards on 18 February.

Harry Styles' bodyguards weren't too far away during his BRITs afterparty
Harry Styles' bodyguards weren't too far away during his BRITs afterparty. Picture: Getty

An insider told the publication: “Harry was on great form at the Brits, chatting to everyone and having a great time.

"But we did notice his bodyguard was with him that evening. That’s understandable given that he was mugged so recently and has been the victim of a stalker in the past.

“Like Mick, he has to take security very seriously. And as Mick is such an idol of his, it makes sense that he would look to him to inspire his choice of staff — as well as his choices of fashion and hairstyles.”

Days before, Harry has been out and about in North London when a man confronted him and pulled out a knife, demanding he hand over his cash.

The star apparently “acted quickly and handed over the cash.”

The Metropolitan Police later confirmed the incident to The Mirror, saying the mugging happened at 23.50pm on Friday 14 February.

A few days later when Harry went to The BRITs, he wore a ’treat people with kindness’ badge pinned to his yellow Gucci suit, making sure his message was in full view.

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