WATCH: Harry Styles Helps Fan Come Out Live On Stage In The Best Way

13 July 2018, 12:18 | Updated: 13 July 2018, 12:22

Harry Styles spotted a fan's sign in the crowd and decided he was going to help her tell her mum she was gay.

Harry Styles fan Grace travelled 2846 miles to see her idol live, but little did she know that he'd be helping her reveal her sexuality not only to her parents, but to the entire world!

Grace had made a double-sided sign which on one side read, 'I travelled 2864 miles to be here tonight. Thanks for 10 incredible shows' and on the other said, 'I'm gonna come out to my parents because of you!!!'.

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Getting a great spot close up to the stage, Grace held her sign aloft for Harry to see and of course the 1D lad spotted it in an instant, bringing his entire show to a pause so he could speak to Grace.

After Harry asked whether Grace's parents were here, she explained that they weren't but that her mum Tina was in a hotel just four miles away.

Of course Harry couldn't help but support one of his fans at a major moment in their life and he asked the audience to be as quiet as they could before yelling, "Tina - she's gay!". Check out the full video above to see Harry and Grace's interaction!

After fans screamed with delight at Harry's response, he continued by shouting, "Tina says she loves ya. Congratulations, I'm very happy for you."

But whilst Harry's response was amazing, everyone wanted to know what Grace's mum Tina had to say about the whole thing and what her reaction was to Grace's announcement...

Thankfully, Grace's mum Tina was overjoyed, with Grace revealing that she told her, “YES I DO LOVE YOU AND YOU CAN BE WHOEVER YOU WANT TO BE”. She also said she wants to meet Harry to thank him!

What an incredible story and what an amazing man Harry is!

Congratulations Grace.

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