Harry Styles Celebrated Someone Else's Birthday Party On His Own Because He's Harry Styles

3 February 2020, 17:22

Harry Styles went to a star-studded bash around his own birthday
Harry Styles went to a star-studded bash around his own birthday. Picture: Twitter

Harry Styles celebrated someone else's birthday as he turned 26, heading to a party with James Corden, Adele,

Harry Styles celebrated his 26th birthday in a truly Harry Styles way - by attending someone else's birthday party and trying to shove their face in a giant cake, hanging out with his usual star-studded gang including James Corden and Adele!

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Attending his manager, Jeff Azoff's wife, Glenn's birthday party in LA, the pair, who have been close for some years now, joked around pretending to shove each other's faces into the birthday cake.

One fan took to Twitter and wrote: "Oh to be a friend of harry styles he tries to push your head into your own birthday cake but becomes soft & squishy when you kiss his cheek."

We're glad he at least got a sniff of a birthday cake, because he had a pretty hectic time with his own birthday it seems!

Harry's actual birthday was on the 1st of February, the day before this party, and the 'Adore You' singer had to cancel a show he had planned in Miami as part of Super Bowl weekend due to 'extreme weather conditions', with fans posting the stage announcements on Twitter, followed by streets flowing with water.

Fans didn't miss the 26-year-old celebrating another person's birthday over his own, writing: "the fact that harry styles went to someone else’s birthday party on his own birthday."

The usually mysterious singer broke his social media silence to apologise for the cancelled gig, writing: To those of you here in Miami, I was told there’s a severe storm on the way."

"The fire department would not let us do the show under any circumstances. Please stay safe. I’m so disappointed, and I’m sorry. I love you all. H"

NGL, we'd be pretty upset if our day's plan to see Harry performing was cancelled as well, but knowing he's going on tour soon makes us feel a whole lot better, happy bday Haz xo.

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